The best part of Thanksgiving dinner is covering every single side with a healthy puddle of delicious gravy. And since Thanksgiving is often about indulgence—too much dinner, too much dessert—you may wonder: Are there extravagant gravy boats?

Why, yes. There are. We found 13 insanely expensive gravy boats:


This gravy boat is vintage. It's from the 1800s and made of porcelain so it will definitely shatter when you (eventually)  drop it. It also does not even have a spout. This little baby? $425 on Etsy.


This lil' gravy boat comes a fancy place known for gemstones, but is much less exciting than a diamond bracelet. It is part of a holiday collection and can only be bought online or in the New  York store. Even if you have $225 is it worth itTiffany & Co. thinks so.


For the super fun millionaire having a Great Gatsby-themed Thanksgiving party, this is an unbeatable gift. $680 for this kinda rusty looking thing on Etsy.


I am not sure why the photo taker in this image is wearing a t-shirt because this gravy boat costs $6,500! The seller claims this is from Florence, Italy and made of pure silver. Perfect for pouring burnt gravy with! Via Etsy.


No, this is not an elementary school pottery class project. This gravy boat is an antique and it is not a gravy boat it is a gravy tureen, don't you know anything? It costs a chill $1,150 on Etsy.


Beautiful swan. Sweet swan. Ceramic swan. $1,500 swan. Via Etsy.


DESIGNER GRAVY BOAT. ONLY $1,090!!!!!! At Hermes.

Royal Copenhagen

This is not an Easter egg. You are confused. This is a beautiful Thanksgiving gravy boat worth every single one of your $3,000, thank you. Via 1stDibs.com.


As Migos once rapped, "Versace, Versace, $595 gravy boat by Versace."

Crystal Classics

Modernism was a cool art movement. Celebrate with this really fun $600 angular gravy boat, as seen on Crystal Classics.

Royal Coppehagen

If you're really in the market for a gravy boat priced like a used car, might I suggest this $7,075 one from Royal Copenhagen?


Is it a gravy boat really if it comes with a spoon? Shhhhhhh. Don't say those things. This swan boat is obviously worth every single penny of its $1,068 price tag! Seen on eBay.


Single spout gravy boats are for plebians. Do you think Beyoncé pours her gravy out of a single spout gravy boat? Here's one for $525 from eBay.


Of course, since you probably only use a gravy boat during your family's one time together every year, I guess you could buy one for $20 at Crate and Barrel, or, FINE, Amazon has some for $10.

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.