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In the week since Drake's surprise album If You're Reading This It's Too Late dropping, the internet has taken the liberty of letting us know exactly how they feel about the album art — and giving us some of the best parodies of all time. Though the handwriting does have a bit of "Chik-Fil-A bovine suicide note" feel to it, you can't judge a book (or album) by its cover. You can, however, use the generator,, and mock the cover relentlessly:

1. The Nod to Frank Ocean

We're all wondering, man. Come through!

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2. The earworm from Fox's 'Empire'

Hakeem Lyon has a hit with this jam, but let's just see if his brother can outdo him with "Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all…"

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3. Sage words of wisdom


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4. Teen Tay Tay tribute

Okay Becky…

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5. The jab from a The Weeknd fan

Shots fired… Albeit in a sketchier font.

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6. The 'It's Always Sunny' take

Frank went from 0 to 100 real quick. Real quick.

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7. The signal boost for a Nickelodeon show

Just wanted to let you know

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8. The coldblooded missed snack opportunity


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9. The gamer fantasy


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10. The evil roommate snap


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11. The queen has arrived

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12. The pregnancy scare


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13. The dig at Tyga

The tea is piping hot today. 🐸☕️

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14. The "what time is it?" announcement

10/10 would listen to this mixtape.

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15. The stark reality of the 10:30am last call

We've all been there…

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