Yes, yes, we know the denim jacket is the recurring year-long staple piece that you need in your closet, especially with the weather cooling down. But, no matter how many perfect ones you see online, out shopping, on Rihanna, or, more importantly, North West; you definitely don't need a new one. The denim jacket you have is probably North West approved, but could use some sprucing up, some personality; a statement.

Embroidered denim is having a moment right now. Or, you could always go the Girl Scout way and sew on cool patches. But, the laziest, but also most efficient way to add some unique novelty to your old denim jacket? Pins! You can stick them on and change when whenever you want, and even add them to other denim items (except maybe not your jeans…that sounds uncomfortable). We’ve rounded up 17 outspoken, eye-catching pins that are the perfect solution to making your jacket feel new again (and definitely helping to start random conversations).

When you're feeling yourself:

Hey Girl Emoji pin, $6.99 at Emoji Pins.

When you wanna show support:

via Etsy

Hillary Clinton pin, $9.75 at Etsy.

What you want ALL THE TIME:

via Etsy

Snacks pin, $8 at Etsy.

When you want to pay homage to the denim queen:

DEERDANA Sade pin, $15 at Pintrill.

When people keep asking 'How's New York?':

Sewer Rat pin, $15 at Prize Pins.

When you want to celebrate melanin:

Very Black Button, $1 at The Very Black Project.

R.I.P to Queen Amy:

Back to Black Amy Winehouse pin, $8.50 at Rik Lee.

When you want your date to get the message about you:

Rare pin, $15 at Prize Pins.

When you've listened to too much Drake:

Male Tears pin, $11 at Etsy.

When you can relate to Frida Khalo no matter where you're from:

Muhajaba Saint Frida pin, $20 at Protect Your Magic.

When you're stoned and can't think of what to eat:

Stoned Pizza pin, $11 at Etsy.

When everything is going wrong:

Mercury Was In Fucking Retrograde pin, $15 at Pintrill.

If you're already thinking about 2020:

The West Wing pin, $15 at Pintrill.

You get a pin, you get a pin, you get a pin:

Oprah pin, $19.95 at Georgia Perry.

When you're feeling down, but you still look cute:

Thumbs Down Brooch, $75 at I Still Love You NYC.

When you can definitely handle the cold:

Gangsta Doodles Gucci Mane pin, $8 at Valley Cruise Press.

When you know your truth:

Love Is Dead pin, $9.50 at Etsy.

Tahirah Hairston is a style writer from Detroit who likes Susan Miller, Rihanna's friend's Instagram accounts, ramen and ugly-but cute shoes.