In preparation for the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season finale, let’s talk about the person who makes the concept for the awesome show even possible.

No, not executive producer and creator Rachel Bloom (wonderful though she is). I mean Josh Chan, the man Rebecca Bunch (and her heavy boobs) totally does not move across the country for—the situation is a lot more nuanced than that.


But! It makes sense that Rebecca would be into someone like Josh—he's irresistible. His vibe is so sweet and stable, where Rebecca is a little wobbly. Josh Chan is awesome, okay? Let us count the ways…

1. Josh Chan is super handsome.

2. Look at him.


4. And how cute is that mole?

5. He’s naturally warm and kind. In fact, he’s so kind he sees the good in Valencia. (It might be slightly delusional, but we’ll concede it’s an admirable task.)

6. He can’t even insult people that well! It’s pretty cute.

7. He’s incredibly chill — so chill that when he’s not chill, it’s a Big Deal.

8. (He’s totally a Hufflepuff.)

9. He loves his hometown, which is so refreshing!

10. He has a close-knit, caring family.

11. He’s got an awesome (and diverse!) group of friends.

12. He’s very passionate, even if he doesn’t know what he’s feeling.

13. And sometimes he’s very sure what he’s feeling.

14. He thought Rebecca was successful and hot when all she could see was how unhappy she was.

15. He always knows how to make her feel better.

16. He makes parties fun.

17. He’s really close to his priest.

18. He appreciates Rebecca’s sweetness when she’s grown up trying to be like the cold-hearted Audra Levine.

19.It’s no wonder Rebecca Bunch likes him — everyone in West Covina does.

Can you really blame her for wanting to bask in his glow?

Sulagna Misra is a freelance writer who lives in the New York area and the small hovel You can find her on Twitter at @sulagnamisra.