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At Thanksgiving, we're supposed to be thankful for things like family, friends, and good health, but we're also really thankful for Michael B. Jordan. Over the past few years, the 28-year-old actor has strengthened our vision, inspired dudes we know to go to the gym, and brought to the light which of our friends actually have good taste. Not only is he a great entertainer who chooses movies with stories that need to be told— he called Fruitvale Station a passion project—but the man is lose your self-control attractive, and my biggest mistake in life (yes, life) was not seeing his potential to be fine when he played Wallace on The Wire.

Seriously, how could we have known that this:

Michael B Jordan shaking his head at us

Would grow up to be this:

Hi, Michael!
Men's Fitness

But, if we can forgive him for movies like That Awkward Moment and Fantastic Four, he can forgive us for sleeping on him. Though, we'll never forget that he called women "females" earlier this year in an interview with GQ.

So for now we'll just fawn over silent Michael B. Jordan.

In celebration of his new movie Creed (which will be released on Thanksgiving), his new body (he gained 24 pounds of muscle for the role of boxer Adonis Johnson Creed), and male objectification, we've rounded up the 21 times Michael B Jordan made us wish he was our (my) man. Scroll at your own risk.

1. Smiling

 2. Standing around shirtless

Warner Bros.

3. Standing shirtless and representing The American Dream

4. Walking shirtless in a towel

5. Flexing, shirtless, in slow motion (*cues this*)

Men's Fitness
Men's Fitness

6. Flexing, shirtless, from a different angle


7. Dripping with sweat

8. Being seen up close…


9. …And personal

10. Gazing into your eyes

11. Showing off his guns

Men's Fitness

12. Possibly putting together your Ikea furniture


13. Dressing dapper AF

Getty Images
At the New York premiere of
Jamie McCarthy

14. Staying fresh

15. Posing with Oprah

16. Posing with his mom

17. Boxing (he's in Creed for a reason)


18. Playing with a puppy

YouTube / GQ

19. Um… Doing everything he does in this entire video

20. Looking back at it (it as in me)

21. Calling us (me) over for snacks


Still breathing?

Tahirah Hairston is a style writer from Detroit who likes Susan Miller, Rihanna's friend's Instagram accounts, ramen and ugly-but cute shoes.