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While flying from Chicago to Washington, DC in 2011, I found myself sitting next to a U.S. Army official in uniform. After he had a couple of drinks, he turned to me and asked where I was from. I said I was from Syria."That place needs one thing to fix all its problems—an atom bomb to wipe everyone out," he said. He was serious and confident and I was too shocked to reply.

It seems like that man was not alone in his opinion. Donald Trump's new agriculture adviser, Sid Miller, has the same views, if a recent Facebook post that he enthusiastically shared is any indication. The post suggests that America make 'Peace With The Muslim World' by dropping a nuclear bomb on the region. The photo in the post, which was originally shared by Facebook page The Patriots IV Drip 2, shows a mushroom cloud with the following sentences: “Japan has been at peace with the US since August 9, 1945” and “It’s time we made peace with the Muslim world.” Miller refused to apologize for sharing the post.

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Miller—who is the Texas agriculture commissioner—also posted a photo on Facebook comparing rattlesnakes to Syrian refugees. He didn't apologize for that one either, calling refugees "ISIS jihadist terrorists.”

Texas Tribune

Miller is also under investigation for taking a personal trip using taxpayer money. His communications director has admitted that the personal trip was "was mistakenly booked by a staffer as a business trip.

Naturally, people on social media had a field day with all of this.

Alaa Basatneh is a human-rights activist and a writer at Fusion focusing on the Arab world. She is the protagonist of the 2013 documentary "#ChicagoGirl."