@paperboyo via Instagram

London artist Rich McCor uses humble paper cutouts held up against enormous landmarks to change how we look at them. Some of the photos on his Instagram account are funny, some are whimsical, but they're all just a little bit surprising.

Some of his work from Paris recently:

The artist adds a little bit of history to each photo, to give it context. McCor's photos are finding a following online, he told the ABC today. "Last week I had under 5,000 followers on Instagram. Today I woke up to 41,000 followers, so part of me is still wondering how it got so popular, so quickly," he said.

From Stockholm:

From Copenhagen:

From Amsterdam:

McCor said he started experimenting with the cutouts at home in London before trying them out on the landmarks of other European cities.


"I was looking for a way to photograph London in a unique way, there are so many talented landscape photographers in London, but I wanted to try and find my own way of shooting the city," he told the ABC.

Some of his work from London: