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The Haitian government today canceled all remaining carnival festivities and declared three days of national mourning after at least 16 people were killed and 78 injured when a singer standing atop a float collided with a low-hanging power line on the streets of Port-au-Prince early Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred when “Fantom,” the frontman of the local music group Barikad Crew, bumped his head into a power line, triggering a giant electrical discharge that lit up the night and sent panic through the crowd. Miraculously, Fantom, whose gruesome electrocution was caught on camera, is not among the dead; he’s in a local hospital and reportedly in stable condition, band manager Youri Chevry told the Miami Herald.

Others didn’t fare so well. Several other members of the group were electrocuted to death aboard the float while others were trampled by the panicked crowd.

The funerals are scheduled to be held on Saturday.

Before the accident, Haiti's carnival was in fifth gear. Here's a look back at the celebration that ended in tragedy.

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Finally, we leave you with a video that Barikad Crew had prepared for "Kanaval 2015"