Courtesy of Ashleigh Green

Since graduating from the University of British Columbia Okanagan with a degree in Fine Arts last spring, Ashleigh Green, 22, has been quite the nomad: Spending the summer in NYC to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts, then moving to Seyðisfjörður, Iceland to begin a residency at the HEIMA art collective, going back home to Kelowna, Canada for the holidays, a short stint in Portland for February, and now back in Iceland to finish her program.

Green is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and animator. She knew very little about Iceland before arriving there (and yes, she confirms Icelanders are obsessed with Bjork just as we all are) and is loving it, although for her next adventure, she's already dreaming of greener pastures: "Somewhere full of plants and vibrant colors," she says.

On the intense landscape surrounding her: "Right now, the fjord is covered in a layer of snow and ice. When it's sunny, it's blinding. When it's windy, it's almost impossible to stay upright. When the sun goes down behind the mountains, everything is different shades of blue. It just feels like everything is amplified here; an all-or-nothing sort of deal. And this intensity seems to breath life into all aspects of the environment."

On sketching from memory: "It has been fascinating to watch this new world weave itself throughout all aspects of my work. I've taken to going for walks, taking some reference photographs/videos of interesting things, and making sketches from memory once I get back inside. I find this approach is starting to loosen up my drawings and add in some more abstract elements."

She would like to do more book illustrations:"The whole process of collaborating with a writer and bringing a whole new element of their work to life is incredible. In the meantime I'm working on self-publishing a book of drawings, digital collage, and bits of writing to showcase and connect all that I've been exploring here."

All images provided by Ashleigh Green.

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