Garlic Bread Memes

On Facebook, there's a page titled, "Garlic Bread Memes," and it has nearly 250,000 likes. Garlic bread memes? That's weird, but sure, why not?

It's hard to imagine a more apolitical meme page than "Garlic Bread Memes," but that's the thing about meme pages—political controversy strikes when you least expect. Garlic Bread Memes (remember, a page dedicated to posting memes featuring garlic bread) ran into a bit of trouble after posting a questionable meme on Sunday that some fans are decrying as transphobic.

Garlic Bread Memes

The implication here is that the author of this garlic bread meme rejects the concept of gender fluidity and transgender identities. BuzzFeed's Ryan Broderick spoke with the admin of the page, an 18-year-old Israeli named Boaz, who essentially confirmed the transphobic nature of the meme.


Those active in the Garlic Bread Meme community revealed their political stripes rather quickly following the meme's posting. Most of the top comments mocked trans-identifying individuals:

Garlic Bread Memes

Garlic Bread Memes' fans, even into Tuesday, are discussing the meme, and almost unanimously backing Boaz. Some, however, are unhappy with the position:

For their part, Garlic Bread Memes appears unfazed. Early Tuesday morning, they posted a link to a Patreon funding page, writing that "in order to continue devoting all of our time and energy to the page for creating new content daily for you, working on future merchandise and not posting advertisements (we refuse to sell out!) we would need a small income from the page."

So far, one person has pledged $2 a month.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.