What makes a house beautiful? The paint? The presence of plants? Just those two things?

Those two factors apparently inspired an anonymous Seattle resident to leave a note of outrage taped to the front door of a freshly-painted Seattle house, according to a Reddit post.


The note was posted to Reddit's r/Seattle forum Thursday by user woot26 with the headline "Making new friends in my neighborhood." Woot26, who told me her name was Katie, said her house was painted yesterday afternoon, and that she found the note this morning when leaving for work.

"Absolutely surprised to receive it," Katie told me in a message. "We don't really know our neighbors that well - past a hi how are you. But we haven't had problems before."


Even though the note calls her a newcomer, Katie says she has lived in the neighborhood for four years.

So, what caused such a venomous missive? Here are some before and after pictures of the paint job in question:




Keeping in mind that the house still is going to get another coat, and the sea foam green door is going to be replaced, it's hard to tell what's so outrageous about the color scheme. Blue and white (or rather Salty Dog and Grecian Ivory, according to Katie's color swatches) seems like a classic combination.

Indeed, despite the hostility of the note, most of Seattle's Reddit-going population seems to be on Katie's side. Her original post is the top one in the forum as of publication with more than 375 comments, mostly supportive.

For her part, Katie seemed amused by the whole thing and ready to move on from the nasty note.

"I just hope this doesn't escalate!" she wrote.