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Author Rachel Grant is best known for writing "romantic suspense" books with titles like Grave Danger and Covert Evidence. This week, however, Grant's writing took a decidedly less-scintillating, more-infuriating turn.

On Wednesday, Grant shared to her nearly 2K Twitter followers segments of a 55-page packet that she claimed her daughter's class had been given by their U.S. History teacher.  The lesson's title? "U.S. History Special Victims Unit." Its content? An assortment of bizarre and offensive far-right wing assertions about black people and women.


In it, African Americans are described, en masse, as having supplanted "Christian values" with "long-term dependence on the government and the erosion of the work ethic."

Hillary Clinton is singled out, and blamed for "setting back by some distance the cause of the women's fight against exploitation"

The teacher, who is unnamed in Grant's tweetstorm, even takes aim at President Obama for "[Stoking] the fires of grievance" when it comes to racial inequality in the United States.

Grant, understandably, expressed revulsion at her daughter's educational prospects in the class.

As she explained later, her daughter had previously studied with the same teacher, whose political inclinations were known prior to his having sent home this latest packet. However, Grant notes, with this curriculum, he'd crossed a dangerous threshold.

In addition to vowing to bring the offensive packet to the attention of her daughter's school's officials, Grant expressed concern for the other students who might be subjected to this teacher's inappropriately personal political inclinations, citing her own academic experience as a motivator.

While not naming specifics in the incident, Grant did share that the teacher is positioned at a public school somewhere in Washington state.


Over email, Grant explained that she was waiting to hear back from her daughter's school district before answering questions from the press. This story will be updated accordingly.