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New Yorkers weren't pleased when their Tuesday morning commute was marred by a garish statue of Hillary Clinton almost fully nude—with creepy male head emerging from her clothes to kiss the statue's breast—in Lower Manhattan.

The work, which is pictured below, is misogynist, ham-fisted, and just plain gross.

Via Instagram/@brklynenna

[Original image: warning, explicit image]

The statue of the hoofed former Secretary of State—which comes after a similarly explicit statue in the image of a very-poorly-endowed Donald Trump was erected and removed by the Parks Department in August—wasn't well received. Commuters in the city's Financial District took action to tear it down.


The work showed an apparent right-wing bent: Clinton's hooves were trampling on what the local news website Gothamist identified as a pile of emails and—somewhat more strangely—a Google Maps marker for Benghazi.

According to the New York Daily News, the statue was up for around three hours before a woman toppled the obscene likeness. The tabloid posted a video showing a shouting match escalate between the woman and the artist behind the statue, Anthony Scioli, with the woman at one point sitting on the grotesque effigy to stop him from setting it back up.

"To put something up like this in front of my work place—" she told the news. "I shouldn’t have to see this."