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Have you felt like you're unraveling lately? Like the world is one big Vanity Fair cover story interview, and you're Jennifer Garner struggling to remember how to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on the alto sax?

If it's any consolation, you're probably not alone. In fact, the reason for this sense of destabilization might just lie in the stars. (You know, if you're into that kind of thing. Please don't @ me if you're not.) In the next two weeks alone, we've got a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse, a new moon, a full moon, and, of course, the Vernal Equinox—all of which carry a whole lot of astrological import.


To get a clearer sense of what kind of impact these planetary happenings are said to have on our lives this month, I spoke with Janelle Belgrave (an astrologer, acupuncturist, and clairvoyant intuitive) and Annabel Gat (an astrologer who writes daily and monthly horoscopes for Broadly, Vice's women's interest vertical). They also told me about what kind of self-care we can practice in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the damage that eclipses and such can cause—none of which involve an alto sax, thank god.

Let's start with the solar eclipse and new moon on March 8.

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There was a total solar eclipse on Tuesday night, coupled with a new moon. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, effectively "blocking" our view of the sun down here on Earth. (Not that you should be trying to stare at the sun, generally speaking.) A solar eclipse can only take place during a new moon, the first phase of the lunar cycle when the moon is basically invisible at night.


In astrology, eclipses are said to bring destabilization and change with them—simultaneously good and bad news for anyone who thinks they might want out of their current relationship or job situation.

"Eclipses are really, really exhausting time periods," astrologer Annabel Gat told me. "It's a time of crisis when everything changes. You start seeing things in a brand new light, so it's really important to move slowly and not act impulsively… Life is hard enough as it is, and you don’t have to make it any more complicated, especially during an eclipse."

Since the south node of the moon was in Pisces during this eclipse, Gat recommended treating yourself to a bunch of water sign-y Piscean activities: taking luxurious baths, going to the pool or beach, taking long naps. Don't over-schedule yourself at this time, she said; if anything, under-schedule yourself. Astrologer Janelle Belgrave suggested drinking tea, meditating, crying a lot, trying some rubbing oils, and practicing compassion and forgiveness in yourself and others.

"Let yourself off the hook for a lot of the things you've 'done wrong' in the past," Belgrave said, so that you can use that Piscean dreaminess to focus on the future. "During a new moon, it's like a seed has been planted on earth. It's all dark, but there's so much potential inside that seed. A new moon is a good time to set intentions so you can watch something grow and bloom."

Next up, there's the Vernal Equinox on March 20.

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The equinox occurs every year in March. On this day, day and night are about equal, which for many people signals the official coming of spring. Astrologically speaking, shit's about to get fun, weird, sexy, and possibly a little drunk.


Astrologer Annabel Gat told me that Venus, the planet of "love and money and basically everything that is good and luxurious and beautiful," is going to meet Neptune, the planet of "fog and fantasy and delusion and illusion," during the Equinox. Translation: You're going to feel super hot and you might meet get drunkenly swept off your feet by some cutie at a bar. Have fun!

Since Venus is also the planet of money in astrology, Gat warned that the "fantasy and delusion" of Neptune might cause a paycheck you're looking forward to receiving around March 20 to take a little longer than expected to arrive. Freelance writers, take note.

"Even if you're not drinking on that day, treat every transaction as if you're a little bit drunk," she cautioned.

Finally, there's going to be a lunar eclipse and full moon on March 23.

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A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the moon and the sun, causing the moon to look all blood red and cute at night. Eclipses always come in pairs, so it's actually totally normal and not weird at all that there's both a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse this month. (There's going to be another pair of eclipses in September.) Just as a solar eclipse happens during the new moon phase of the lunar cycle, a lunar eclipse goes down during a full moon.


Lunar eclipses carry the same kind of astrological significance as solar eclipses, as far as change and destabilization are concerned. But whereas last night's solar eclipse might have signaled a lot of confusion in your life, astrologer Janelle Belgrave told me that the lunar eclipse and full moon later this month will bring clarity and decision to that confusion.

"If a new moon is about setting intention, then the full moon is about seeing it come to life," Belgrave said.

Since the lunar eclipse is in air sign Libra, Belgrave recommended going outside and getting some sun and fresh air. While self-isolating self-care might have helped you best during the Piscean solar eclipse earlier in March, let yourself meet new people at this time. Just "be mindful" of who you're letting into your life, she told me, as they could distract you from all these amazing new plans you've made for yourself going forward.


Astrologer Annabel Gat echoed Belgrave's advice, adding that this Libran moment is a great time to engage other people in conversation, exchange ideas, or even start journaling. But it's still vital to put yourself first, she said.

"It's like when you're on an airplane and the oxygen masks drop down," she told me. "You have to put it on yourself first before helping anyone else."

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