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There are two ways to begin a New Year: One, write a long list of your resolutions (which definitely includes a gym membership) or two, just wing it, with some vague goals you'd like to accomplish in mind. Either way, the idea of knowing how your year will begin is both exhilarating and comforting. That's why reading year-ahead horoscopes is such an appealing ritual—and guilty pleasure. We spoke with six astrologers (yes, the ones we wrote about here) about what's in store for 2016, according to the cosmos.

An important retrograde is coming, and no, it's not Mercury

One of the biggest things [happening in] 2016 is the Mars retrograde, which is going to be taking up a huge portion of the year: It starts April 19, and ends June 29. Retrogrades serve a purpose; when a planet goes in retrograde it allows us here on earth to review, rethink, and rework some of the things that we’ve been doing. Mars is the planet of action, war, passion, dominance, and taking over. Mars is the warrior, so when it’s going backwards, it’s limp, it doesn’t want to fight. It's like, "I’ll go to battle tomorrow." You just might feel, "I don’t want to move forward." It can be kind of scary for some, but it can also be a huge break—because [you] don’t have to move 24/7. Mars is going to be in retrograde for a long time, and that’s going to affect the way that people chase their dreams. - Annabel Gat, Root Astro 


This summer, Jupiter in Libra means more ~ love ~

This past year was very tumultuous for a lot of people. Many found themselves in a place of having the curtain peeled back, and being forced to see things as they are—instead of how they thought things were supposed to be. I feel 2015 was the year of disillusionment. Change is never an easy thing; it always involves ripping off the Band-Aids and being exposed. I think 2016 is going to be a year of healing and love. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, it’s the planet of perspective, and broadening your mind. In September, Jupiter is going to be moving into the sign of Libra, which is the sign of partnerships, marriage and love. It sounds a little kumbaya-ish, but I think 2016 is going to be about getting back to love and compassion; being able to recognize that you’re not the only one in the room and being respectful to one another. With the presidential race, the xenophobia, and all of the stuff that’s happened [this year], people are afraid—and with fear comes the ugliness. I think in 2016 we’re going to see more healing, people recognizing that we can’t keep going [at] each other’s throats. That’s what Jupiter in Libra is definitely about: Learing to share and get along, especially when it comes to people of other cultures. - Mecca Woods, My Life Created 


Right before election day, there will be a new moon

I’m looking for every astrological reason for Donald Trump to go away as soon as possible. There will be a new moon in Scorpio just a few days before the election. Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio so I’m hoping that helps her. - Ophira Edut, AstroTwins 


Saturn in Sagittarius will affect how we get to know each other

There's Saturn in Sagittarius and then these other eclipses [that are] really going to press the key foundations of knowledge—and how we get to know and experience each other. By knowledge, I mean what we think we know about each other and what we think we know about the world. There may be some accelerations in how we get knowledge—what’s happening with the internet—and a growing interest in attempting to find out how we learn things, so that we can be more sturdy in our sense of knowledge. In our country, we’re dealing with somewhat of a crisis in terms of how we know things; scrutiny related to that knowledge becomes important. Saturn in Sagittarius is going to press the issues of how we know each other. This is what we’re fundamentally dealing with when we’re talking about who we’re going to let in the country, what we really know about the world or people in the world. It goes beyond [talk show hosts] going out and asking people, "Where’s Syria." It’s knowing how we identify ourselves—as the same or the other. - Samuel F. Reynolds, Unlock Astrology.


All of the astrological signs will experience transition and imbalance

If I was going to use one word for [2016] I would say, transition. In 2016, things are a little up in the air—it might feel like a bit of a free fall. It’s a very creative space to be in, but it’s also a little un-grounding. What’s important for 2016 is that we stay very grounded and very present and that we stay very cognizant of people who are trying to make us afraid of an illusion. It’s very important to stay aware of rhetoric that is racist and homophobic and that induces a fear of other people. Personally, we might see alot of those transitions in our lives, but we might not be quite landed in one place or the other, so we have to get comfortable being in the unknown. We’ll be learning about how to manifest our dreams in a sense where we can be working towards a more idealistic way of living together on the planet. But, that takes a lot of intersection and accountability. - Chani Nicholas


2016 will be a great year for getting your ideas out there

This year, there is an escalation in analysis paralysis. It’s a very thinking, analyzing and philosophizing year. It’s a great year for writing, communicating, and spreading a message, but it can also get a little bit neurotic and stuck—overthinking everything. Know when to take a step back and think about stuff, and when to let it be okay and just do it. We have to find that pacing.  - Ophira Edut, AstroTwins


Don't worry: You'll be fine.

I don’t like to future trip, I’m working in my own life in the now. Everything in the now is okay, 99% of the time. I’m not even thinking about 2016 yet. Who the fuck knows what’s going to happen in 2016. I think it’s okay to set some intentions for the New Year, but I don’t do New Year’s resolutions because you can make a New Year’s resolution every fucking day. All holidays are just an opportunity to take a moment and say, I’m here now and I have gratitude for what’s going on now. Any day can be a New Year. - Melissa Broder


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