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Biologists, they're just like us! They eat, they sleep, and sometimes they spend days on end posting images of animal genitalia to Twitter. Just like us!

#JunkOff, previously the defunct home of a small number of Spanish-language tweets from 2012, has become a thriving garden of animal genitals. It started a couple days ago, when Anne Hilborn, a graduate student in biology at Virginia Tech, was tweeting back and forth with a labmate and with her advisor Marcella J. Kelly. Per Gizmodo's Throb blog, Hilborn added some of her own collection of animal junk photos to the mix, and #JunkOff was born.

Here's how it started, in Zoolander-esque fashion:

Hilborn kicked things off.

Other eager biologists flocked to the hashtag.

Even when there was nothing to see.

Not to be outdone, botanists got in the mix

Titan Arum even showed up.

Some of the genitalia might be hard to recognize, but rest assured: it's junk.

Over the past couple days the photos have continued to pile up.

But, some mysteries do remain.

The truth is out there.

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