Were he alive today, Tupac Shakur would be celebrating his 44th birthday.

Despite his untimely death, his music changed the rap landscape forever, and he lives on through the artists he's inspired, his hologram's performances, and a few crafty Pinterest- and Tumblr-users' unmatched creativity. Here are some fun art projects and cool pieces of fan art to celebrate the life and work of one of hip-hop's most influential homies. RIP, Pac:


via PaperMagazine.tumblr.com

If all Lisa Frank products had Tupac shirtless on them, we'd buy the whole line. (As seen on Tumblr.)

As seen on TheNewHippy.Tumblr.com

This print has a major Kehinde Wiley feel, which is refreshing. More hip hop artists on floral backgrounds, please.

Via Kenr0ck.tumblr.com

Amazing vector art with both bandanas represented. ✌🏾

Via Prabhsrai.Tumblr.com

Loving the minimalist outline homage here.

Via GrannysHopeChest on Etsy

Pop culture prayer candles are pretty dope — and you can own one for only $8.99 on Etsy.


Fans have taken to the photo-app to post their sketches and paintings of the late rapper.





The first of the Tupac cakes.


Tupac has inspired some truly fascinating recipes, nail art, and more.

Via Pinterest

This cake is giving major side eye 👀, but the homage is nice (and that chocolate looks good, ngl).

Via sloteazzy on Instagram

Nail art is an impressive way to celebrate your love for musical icons. Plus, look at that bandana work.

Via Tumblr

It doesn't have to be Easter to add Pac's face to your protein. (As seen on Tumblr.)

Via YehCakes.com

As a prerequisite to making these cupcakes, you must have expertise in sculpting and making little rounded facial features. Additionally, you must master the art of making Tupac look like Biggie with a mustache.

Via WildWorldofAK on Etsy

You could make an iron-on shirt celebrating Pac, or you could just go to Etsy and get this great mermaid hybrid onesie for a baby.

Via ChaChaCovers on Etsy

Make your nails extra thug-lifey with these decals. And don't forget to pour one out for the homie.

RIP Tupac. Hope that Thug Mansion is everything you dreamed.

Akilah Hughes is a comedian, YouTuber, and staff writer and producer for Fusion's culture section. You can almost always find her waxing poetic about memes and using too many emojis. 🍕