The country is changing.

Young people are more diverse than ever, and they’re not going to accept the status quo — especially when it comes to TV.

Enter Fusion.

We’re closing the gap between what people watch on TV and what they engage with online. From the makeup of our newsroom to the stories we tell, we’re building a team that represents what America looks like today — with news that speaks to all Americans.
And people are starting to pay attention.

In a national poll of cable carriers, Fusion ranked as the most desired network for top providers, because our stories are worth hearing.

You can take their word for it, or you can just ask The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, New York Magazine, NPR, The Atlantic or Mashable.

We believe in the power of responsible, investigative reporting. When rumors emerged that police were using new technology to invade citizens’ privacy, Fusion was there. When the dust seemed to settle at Ferguson, we went back and challenged the conception of police in America. And because news doesn’t always have to be depressing, we told you about a dating app that helps you find the pothead of your dreams.


We’re proud that we’ve managed to build a network that represents what America looks like today. And we’re beyond excited to help shape the way we see the world tomorrow.

Sometimes, change is good.