Costa Rican congressman Oscar López was feeling under the weather the other day. He had body aches and chills, and was concerned he might be running a slight fever.

The sickly congressman wanted to know what was ailing him. But instead of turning to Costa Rica's famous healthcare system, he crawled into the fetal position on his office couch, looked forlornly at the camera, and pitifully asked his 2,442 followers on Twitter for help crowdsourcing a remedy.

Instead of getting sympathy, the congressman—predictably—got barraged with a ton of memes by Tico trolls who couldn't believe their good fortune.

@olopezmotivador Eso pasa cuando uno está metido en la Red Wedding.

— Daniel Chinchilla (@dChinchi) December 2, 2015

@olopezmotivador jale jale!!!

— Roheru (@elRoheru217) December 1, 2015

Fortunately, whatever his ailment was—be it dengue, chikungunya  or just an aggressive case of the sniffles—the congressman is feeling a little better. He's back to sitting upright on his couch, and has traded in his tie for a warm scarf.

h/t @theticotimes