Photo illustration by AP, Jorge Rivas/Fusion

The first debate for Democrats on Tuesday was Martin O’Malley’s big moment to shine. So far, viewers seem to be learning a lot about his hotness. The conversation turned to O'Malley's physique during the heated gun debate:

O'Malley is tracking at just 1% in three national polls so the debate was an opportunity to showcase his policy proposals — except some people couldn't seem to focus on what he was saying because they think O’Malley is so fine.

Lots of tweeters discovered O’Malley is hot, if in a dad way:

Some even said he is “bae”:

Some thought O’Malley was too hot:

Some offered supporting evidence:

But some said Bernie comes first:

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.

Jorge Rivas is the national affairs correspondent at Fusion. He follows the national conversation through the lens of racial, sexual, and political identity.