Everything you need to succeed in life can be found on DJ Khaled's self-care filled Snapchat. The Miami hip-hop artist's "keys to success" are all about taking care of you—using things you can afford, like Dove soap and plants, and things you can aspire to like gold sinks—'cause you the best. His inspirational guide to life is great because it's inclusive, and success is tangible… As long as you respect personal hygiene and follow him on Snapchat.

DJ Khaled's encouraging words started long before he logged onto social media. He named his record label after his mantra, "We The Best," which is now also a phrase chanted by his fans. His album titles include "We Global," "Suffering from Success," "We The Best Forever," and most recently, "I Changed A Lot." Although he's not a rapper, he's responsible for the response-to-your-haters anthems "All I Do Is Win" and "No New Friends." And! We can't forget DJ Khaled's voice. He just sounds like a sincere life coach who really believes in you, because he's been there, and he's changed a lot. He'll never do this. Here's an example:

Just in time for the New Year, let's ride with DJ Khaled through the journey of success—making sure you stay clean, healthy and fresh.

Never play yourself

Cleanliness is #important

DJ Khaled's Snapchat
DJ Khaled's Snapchat

Always moisturize with cocoa butter

Use the right soap

Also, the right deodorant

An apple a day will keep the haters away

DJ Khaled's Snapchat

Don't skimp on vitamins

Always keep a fresh cut

Brush your teeth

DJ Khaled's Snapchat

Use mouthwash

DJ Khaled's Snapchat

Water is key

DJ Khaled's Snapchat

Don't get discouraged, be chill

Take up gardening

DJ Khaled's Snapchat

Get a pedicure (once a week)

Find inspiration everywhere

DJ Khaled's Snapchat

Now, can we start a petition for Oprah to replace Iyanla with DJ Khaled? A DJ Khaled Keys to Success book deal? A cocoa butter marketing campaign revamp? A guide to gardening? Seriously, we have so many ideas—it's all about vibes, you know?


Tahirah Hairston is a style writer from Detroit who likes Susan Miller, Rihanna's friend's Instagram accounts, ramen and ugly-but cute shoes.