Bill O'Leary/Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren may not want to be president, but she is definitely in the running to be the Commander-in-Chief of Twitter. Yesterday, she went off on Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, firing off a dozen 140-character missives attacking her Senate colleague.

First Warren got hold of this campaign email from Senator Cruz lamenting the "sacrifices" that the candidate is making while running for President.

The Senator from Massachusetts was not pleased. She quickly mocked the presidential candidate's claim to exasperation.

Then she got specific.

Warren is a co-sponsor of Senator Kristin Gillibrand's Family and Medical Leave Act, which would ensure American workers are provided paid time off from their employers. (Senator Cruz opposes making employers provide paid time off.)

Warren has introduced multiple bills to reduce college debt and make higher education more affordable. She has faced constant opposition from a number of Republicans, including Cruz.

Warren is also a cosponsor of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Just last week, Cruz told CNBC that he opposes the minimum wage as a concept.

Warren has a bill in the Senate called the Schedules That Work Act, which would end abusive scheduling practices by employers.

After that Warren repeated her accusation that Cruz was "whining" and continued to slam the Senator's hypocrisy.

This is not the first time Warren has gone after a Republican on Twitter. Last month, Warren attacked Donald Trump in a series of tweets, calling him, among other things, a "loser."

Ohio Governor John Kasich eagerly awaits his own Elizabeth Warren tweetstorm, but he may have to win a few more primaries first.