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The new episode of South Park is apparently something of an inkblot test: Even though it takes place in the cartoon's usual setting of South Park, Colorado, Redditors from many different cities across America see their hometown being depicted.

The episode "The City Part of Town" included a parody of upscale housing developments being placed in formerly low-income neighborhoods with a commercial for The Lofts at SoDoSoPa (South Downtown South Park).

The not-especially-biting satire inspired Reddit users (the site is home to a large community of South Park fans) to take to their local subreddits to claim SoDoSoPa was inspired by their city.


Who has the best claim? Well, South Park is set in Colorado and creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are from there as well, so Denver seems an obvious choice. It even has a neighborhood using the same contrived naming scheme, LoDo.

What about Portland? This is a heated topic in that city right now, so I'm sure someone there will see the resemblance.

Wait, sorry. Messed that one up. Got the wrong Portland.

And from there, the flood gates open with a whole slew of American cities: MiamiDallas, Cincinnati, Austin, Louisville, Indianapolis, and even Boise.

Reading these, you might think there was some kind of nationwide housing trend going on.