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Now that confirmed white person Ed Skrein has vacated the role of Ben Daimio, a Japanese American federal agent in Hellboy, it’s time for the production to find someone new. While they certainly could go right back and cast another white guy in the role, to really just let the people know that their continued disdain for Asians can’t be swayed by public outcry, here’s hoping that the casting director takes the hint and finds someone better suited.

After all, producers Larry Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Millennium and Lionsgate did release a statement saying they would “look to recast the part with an actor more consistent with the character in the source material.” To help out, we took it upon ourselves to gather a few recommendations of Asian American actors (who aren’t George Takei or John Cho) who could fill the role.

Ian Anthony Dale

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Dale had a recurring role on Hawaii Five-0, and was recently promoted to season regular in light of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park’s departure. He also worked on Murder in the First, The Event, and a number of other shows.

James Kyson

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Sometimes billed as James Kyson Lee, Kyson starred in the sci-fi web series Blade of Honor and has been on episodes of shows like Preacher, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Elementary, and Sleepy Hollow.

Ken Watanabe

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If we wanted to skew a little older, what about Watanabe, who starred in Letters from Iwo Jima, Inception, and the 2014 Godzilla movie?

Paul Nakauchi


Nakauchi doesn’t have the biggest on-screen resume (he most recently appeared as Watari in Netflix’s Death Note), but he’s a prolific voice actor who has done work for games like Overwatch and Diablo III, shows like Legend of Korra, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and, in a nice coincidence, an animated Hellboy movie.

Tim Kang

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Kang is best known for his role on The Mentalist as Kimball Cho, but Kang he also appeared in Third Watch and Vampire Diaries.

Steven Yeun

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I’m just saying, Daimio’s character has a huge laceration on his face, revealing his teeth and jawbone, and Yeun obviously has some acting experience with uh, trauma to the head.

Do you have any other good recommendations? Let us know in the comments.