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During Tuesday night's vice presidential debateSenator Tim Kaine brought up the fact that Donald Trump has called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. His Republican counterpart Governor Mike Pence was perturbed, saying to Kaine, "You whipped out that Mexican thing again."

You. Whipped. Out. That. Mexican. Thing. Again.

Viewers posting on Twitter reacted immediately.

Some were incredibly sincere about the struggles and realities of being a Mexican immigrant:

Other folks found the statement comical:

"Honey, where'd you put #ThatMexicanThing ?"
"It's on the shelf, next to the #BindersFullOfWomen."

— rachel elliott (@okie_elliott) October 5, 2016

And then there were the people who were just not having it:

FYI, Hillary Clinton's campaign works fast: If you visit, you'll find it redirects to an official Clinton-Kaine website. ¡Muy inteligente!