The internet is loving the news that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Social media feeds have been practically swimming in crudely Photoshopped memes to express their delight in the fact that a black, female slave liberator is replacing a genocidal white male.

Here are some of the best images we found that help put the news in context.


A Tumblr user had a good question.

One tweeter offered some good historo-political analysis of the situation:


And if you're wondering, yes, Tubman was usually armed, both for security and to keep her wards in line.

Another pitched what we agree would be a great trilogy about Tubman's life…way better than other franchises we know are out there now…

Harriet Tubman movie 1: Early life/escape from slavery
Movie 2: Underground Railroad
Movie 3: Union Spy

— devin faraci (@devincf) April 20, 2016

Of course, no Obama administration announcement would be complete without conservative backlash. Example: When asked about the announcement on Fox News, Ben Carson called Andrew Jackson a “tremendous” President who balanced the federal budget, adding that we should find some other way to honor Tubman. And Fox News noted the announcement would likely "inflame" politicians in Tennessee, where Jackson is from.

To which we'd respond in a similar fashion to this person.


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