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Vine has just turned three years old, but it has really been in the past 12 months that the social media platform has truly hit the mainstream, with numerous stars breaking out of their 6-seconds of fame and into TV, movies, and commercials.

But the format itself remains its own art form, and Vine has just released its most important Vines from the past year.


We went through the list and found the most-looped Vines of the past year. Check it out.

9.  "IM DYING OMG 😭😭💀 #soaring #flying," Kierra Santillan — 81 million loops

aka, "Life comes at you fast."

8.  "who is she," chloe lmao — 81 million loops

Hit song '80s song + bizarreness = Vine gold.

7.  "Poor Jay," Chase Broeckelmann — 81 million loops

No chill.

6.  "When you are really good at pretending to like your birthday gifts..," Jeff Simmons — 91 million loops


5.  "When you don't know the answers to a test," good kush kiara — 95 million loops

Double true.

4.  "Untitled," ahmed ali akbar — 96 million loops

Another reaction that can be applied to numerous life situations.

3.  "Lady Gaga scared Leonardo DiCaprio," Kate Aurthur — 101 million loops

Real-time Vines do well, and real-time celeb vines do really well.

2.  "Duck Army," Charlie Murphy — 151 million loops


1.  "Untitled (Paris bombing)," ArsenalTerje — 329 million loops

Sadly, No. 1 was also the most terrifying. It was taken the moment a bomb went off outside Paris's Stade de France during a Germany-France friendly in what proved to be the start of the deadliest terrorist attack there in centuries.


Here are Fusioneers' favorite Vines from 2015:

Patrick Hogan:

Jason Gilbert:

Charles Pulliam

Rob Wile

Kelsey McKinney

Michael Rosen

David Matthews

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