Not looking forward to heated political discussions with family members during the holiday season? This could be the solution for you. Just in time for Thanksgiving, a YouTube cooking show called “Baked” has given weed-lovers everywhere a gift: a recipe for marijuana-infused turkey.

The video's close-up shots and amplified sound effects are by turns fascinating (look at the boiling butter!) and disgusting (listen to that butter!) at the same time. It's really something.

Step 1: Prepare the weed butter.

Step 2. Really get the liquid out of that weed butter, and refrigerate it overnight.

Step 3. Put the rub on that turkey with the weed butter, salt, and pepper. Then stuff it.

Step 4. Inject the turkey with a marinade made of salt, pepper, garlic, chicken stock, weed butter, lemon juice, and maple syrup.

Step 5. Cook it. (13 minutes a pound at 350 degrees.)

Watch all the episodes of 'Baked' to find out whether or not you can infuse weed into every traditional Thanksgiving dish. (Spoiler: you can!)


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