Jimmy Fallon may have caused a ruckus with his Chris Rock impression, but he certainly was not the only white person embarrassing himself at the Golden Globes. Before the show even began, on the red carpet, NBC's Jenna Bush Hager briefly interviewed Pharrell Williams about  his nomination for Best Original Score for Hidden Figures, except that’s not what she said. She said “Hidden Fences,” mixing up two black-led films—Fences and Hidden Figures—because apparently all black-led films are the same anyway.

Of course, Black Twitter took the gaffe and ran, creating the hashtag #HiddenFences and listing other hilariously absurd imaginary Frankenstein mashups of classic black films.

Why Did I Get Married In Big Momma's House #HiddenFences

— Alexis V. Claudio (@LexiVClaudio) January 9, 2017