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Snapchat seems predicated on being prohibitively confusing for anyone over the age of 20. But with its massive user base of engaged, arguably addicted, teens and millennials, it's become the go-to social network for celebrities, publishers (we're thisisfusion, by the way), and politicians angling to reach a wider, younger audience.

It's that last category in which there seems to be just one undisputed champion. A person whose masterful use of filters and emoji lays waste to all other contenders.

Hillary Clinton.

Sure, it might seem strange to think of the 68-year old former Secretary of State as a dominating force on a platform populated by teens. But throughout the 2016 election, Clinton and her digital team have demonstrated an uncanny ability to snap at a level usually reserved for the DJ Khaleds and Kim Kardashians of this world. And nowhere is that ability on better display than when Clinton's Snapchat sets her sights on presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, as she did this week, with a series of 21 snaps, each slamming the hotelier harder than the last.

This isn't, in fact, the first time Clinton's snapchat account has savaged Trump. Late last month, she posted a series of videos featuring some of Trump's more incendiary comments, in which faces of Republican presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan, were superimposed over that of the GOP candidate.

Given the increasingly heated rhetoric of the presidential election, and Clinton's dominating ability to maximize her Snapchat presence, it seems a safe bet that this is just a taste—a snapshot, even—of what's yet to come.