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Emily Deschanel, star of "Bones" (@BONESonFOX), has a real bone to pick with the network that airs the long-running procedural. In an apparent programming mishap, viewers tuning into watch the show's eleventh season finale were greeted with Donald Trump's terrifying and insane speech at the Republican National Convention instead.

Because Trump's RNC speech ran about 40 minutes long, "Bones"heads in Pacific and Mountain time markets who flipped the channel to Fox to watch "Bones" (@BONESonFOX) missed the first 40 minutes of the crucial episode.


In a series of tweets that she fired off late Thursday night, Deschanel blasted Fox for airing the xenophobic, racist, fear-mongering diatribe of a pig's head left out in the sun for 10 years in place of the season finale of her television show (called "Bones" or @BONESonFOX) about a forensic anthropologist who solves murders by analyzing the grisly remains of people mutilated in increasingly elaborate ways.

"Bones" (@BONESonFOX) fans were mad as hell, tweeting in anger and replying to Deschanel's tweets with "Bones" (@BONESonFOX) GIFs.

If Deschanel had known that her contractually obligated promotion for her television show would be undone by Donald Trump's treachery, she may not have tweeted earlier Thursday night that "you don't want to [miss] the Season finale of #Bones" (presumably the same show as @BONESonFOX)

Deschanel's co-star on the show (called "Bones," or @BONESonFOX), David Boreanaz, also tweeted an angry missive at the network.

"Bones" is slated to return for its twelfth and final season in early 2017.

Aleksander Chan is Fusion's News Director.