It's Halloween season.

IHOP jumped into the holiday spirit, first, with a weird, sexist Tweet. But here's another reason I'm going to avoid going there for a bit.


Apparently IHOP has been serving up what they literally call "scary face pancakes" to CHILDREN for the past several years.

When I think of kid-friendly "scary" Halloween-type faces, I'm thinking like, goofy vampires and skeletons and stuff.

Below are some examples of what IHOP intends to serve you instead. Staring into their frosted eyes will remind you that life is short and the world is a damaged place.


No thanks.


"Yes one BAIN pancake with extra darkness please."

"Oh you're out? How about one with The Joker's cheek-to-cheek rictus?"

They'll be available through the end of the month. Thank god.

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