Frederick's of Hollywood

What was Christmas like twenty-five years ago? In the pages of the Frederick's of Hollywood catalog, it was hot. The lingerie retailer has been in business since 1947, but filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. But let's remember happier times, shall we? We got our hands on a catalog from 1990, when the hair and the smiles were big—and the satin was shiny.
The cover promises great things.

Get your office party started properly in solid gold.

Shine! Sparkle! Stretch!

After work, it's time to relax in a cat face sweatshirt.

What's under the cat face sweatshirt? Some high cut nylon/polyester lingerie, of course.

Don't forget your glamour gloves.

Shh. Tricks of the trade.

Memorable moments require lace.

YES. What every wardrobe needs. More cat face.

Note: These lacy underthings are not romantic. They're romantique. There's a difference.

How to get ready for a hair metal video: Step 1: Buy lace-up back lace stockings. Step 2: There is no step 2. You're ready.

OMG. The wigs are sublime. I'll take a Wild Cat, a Waves and Raves and a Vogue, please. Hmm… Flame red or blond frost?

If cat faces aren't good enough for you, how about seal face?

And here's what's underneath: A "Candy is Dandy" sheer suspender catsuit. Meow.

More (possibly flammable?) nylon satin. Which is your favorite? Mistletoe Miss, Santa's Choice, Gift Wrap or A Suit For All Seasons? Oh, don't forget your 1991 calendar! It's only two bucks.

Hot holidays, indeed. Never seen a Christmas bonus like that before.

But wait… What about the guys? Don't worry. Fred has them covered.

Dudes need the perfect outfit for talking on slimline landline phones, and the "winning combo" is it.

Ever heard a guy say, "I wish I could wear something sheer and easy"? BOOM. It's right on the bottom of page 66. Waiting.

Ummmm… At least the elephant, the fox and the chicken have the decency to look embarrassed about what they've become involved in. The flamingo is so shamelessly holding his head high. 🙈

And… Scene. Merry Christmas.