It’s been over four months since Donald Trump was elected president, and Empire star Jussie Smollett has a lot on his mind. In fact, he's got so much on his mind that he's packed every single thing that has ever crossed his mind into a three minute and forty-five second music video for a song called “F.U.W.” which stands for "Fucked Up World."

The video has a lot of earnest black and white imagery going on. And when I say "a lot" I mean that there is a ton of wokeness involved. Like, a ton. Like, literally every group you can think of is represented in this video. He truly did not leave anyone behind here. It might actually be the wokest thing ever made in history.


(Also: note the use of “cash me outside, how bou dah” in the lyrics, a truly stunning and third-eye-opening use of the phrase—though I’m sure it won’t be long before that young lady will be coming to collect her royalties because, as Smollett so rightly points out, it really is a fucked up world.)

Here's a list of concepts and things he addresses in the video, which he directed himself. Excuse me while I slowly wade into the ocean of wokeness before me.

Human rights

Police killings of black citizens


Border patrol

Anti-black violence



Refugees and how they are welcome

Women’s bodies and rights

Donald Trump

Jussie Smollett.

(Smollett explained the mask stands for “this false idea of patriotism” and “this idea of white privilege.”)


Smushed pie

Crushing Donald Trump under a wheelchair

Molotov Cocktails


Trans rights and bathroom bills

Black Jesus

Standing Rock and Flint

Muslim power

Power for people with disabilities