It’s a heartbreaking thing to admit, but Barack Obama will not be our president for much longer. This vague discomfort as well as the anxiety we are about to face under a Trump presidency that will surely undermine Obama's is about to become far more crystallized with Obama’s parting speech on Tuesday.

In honor of the United States’ First Black President, possibly the coolest leader we will ever have, Daddy-in-Chief, someone who probably shouldn’t have won a Nobel Peace Prize but who rocks photo ops with kids, here are some of the best Obama memes the internet has to offer from the last eight years.


Obviously #NotAllMemes about Obama are as pleasant and fun and definitely not racist as the ones we’re including here, but the man has been president for about as long as memes have become a mainstream cultural concept. So let’s take a moment to remember some fun moments from the past before all memes become densely populated with racist Pepes.

Not Bad

An auxiliary member of rage comics, "Not Bad" was based on a picture of the President and First Lady while they were on a state visit to the UK.

Thanks, Obama.

Because everything is always Obama's fault.

The various iterations of the Situation Room.

You didn't build that

Taken from an election campaign speech Obama made in 2012 about how much of a positive impact public infrastructure and government spending has helped small businesses, conservatives took the quote and ran with it, calling it an attack on small business. Of course the internet also took it and ran with it.

Generally making Obama do all sorts of shit like…kicking down doors:

Or skateboarding:

Or morphing into Beyoncé and dancing on a pizza:

Or basking in the glory of a fire freestyle:

(That's how kids talk, right?)

The good morning everyone except the one who made this:

And last but not least, Deal With It: