In case you had any inclination to take life or death advice from a fedora fanboy who thinks Hillary Clinton is gravely ill, Matt Drudge wants you to know that Hurricane Matthew is a trumped-up conspiracy by Big Weather.

“The deplorables are starting to wonder if govt has been lying to them about Hurricane Matthew intensity to make exaggerated point on climate,” the aggregation maven tweeted Thursday afternoon, a reference to Donald Trump’s supporters reclaiming the “deplorables” label that Hillary Clinton first used to describe his alt-right legions.


Drudge followed up that zinger with the suggestion that, because federal weather forecasters have a “monopoly on data,” they could wildly exaggerate the strength of the storm, which has forced the evaluation of thousands in Florida, Georgia, and other coastal regions.

Officials have repeatedly stressed the severity of the hurricane currently barreling toward the east coast. Hurricane Matthew has already claimed more than 100 lives in Haiti, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott begged residents to follow the evacuation order, saying, "this storm will kill you."

Luckily for Drudge, he had at least one dubious companion in idiocy:

Here's a screenshot of the tweets, since Drudge constantly deletes his very bad tweets:

via Twitter/@DRUDGE

Luckily, plenty of Twitter users piled on to point out the recklessness of Drudge’s remarks and get him top slither back to the basement he came from.