Men in makeup: Having a moment! Last week saw the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race. Over on New Now Next, we learned about Christopher McParlan's project, Celebrities as Drag Queens. McParlan Photoshops makeup onto famous folks. For instance:

Game Of Thrones' Joffrey Baratheon

Zayn Malik

and Bruno Mars

Now Filipino actor and TV host Paolo Ballesteros is making us want to learn how to use eyeliner.


Ballesteros has been posting pictures of his intense makeup skills on Instagram since 2013, but recently found a lot of attention for his ability to transform into almost any celebrity. Check these out!


Taylor Swift

Ellen DeGeneres

Cate Blanchette

Natalie Portman

Ariana Grande

Nicki Minaj

Jennifer Lawrence

Katy Perry


Kim Kardashian

Time to brush up on your contouring skills.

Danielle Henderson is a lapsed academic, heavy metal karaoke machine, and culture editor at Fusion. She enjoys thinking about how race, gender, and sexuality shape our cultural narratives, but not in a boring way.