Have you spent more than .057 seconds online today? Then you probably know that the first trailer for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" dropped this morning, giving us our first glimpse at director Gareth Edwards' "A New Hope"-adjacent prequel.

The verdict? Most people seem pretty psyched! It's got lasers, droids, a badass heroine, a dramatic villain, and, yes, even Imperial Walkers - What more could anyone reasonably ask for?

Men, apparently!

Almost as soon as the trailer went live, a brigade of men's rights activists, alt-right reactionaries, and other SJW-hating trolls burbled a steady stream of complaints, largely centered around "Rogue One" heroine Jyn Erso, played by actress Felicity Jones. Their problem? That she's a woman in the lead role:

via youtube
via youtube

Over on the forums for ReturnOfKings.com ("a blog for heterosexual, masculine men") commenters were equally unhappy. One wrote: "At this point I'd rather watch a Jar Jar Binks origin story than this feminized shitfest."

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Another wrote: "Disney and Kathleen Kennedy have gone full throttle on girll powerrr."

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If this backlash sounds a little familiar, it is. When JJ Abrams' "The Force Awakens" premiered last fall, it was Daisy Ridley's Rey who bore the brunt of the alt-right grousing. Ray was accused of being a Mary Sue (that is, a heroine who's too perfect to believe) and an attempt by a cabal of screenwriting Social Justice Warriors to ruin the beloved franchise. There was even an attempt by some to boycott the film entirely. (It, unsurprisingly, failed miserably.)


Meanwhile, the rest of the world seems excited to see Jyn Erso in action as the latest in a long line of ass-kicking Star Wars heroines. Because, as much as much as the alt-right might fantasize about "Star Wars" being a story about guys, for guys, let's not forget that Han Solo would still be a popsicle on the wall of Jabba's palace if it weren't for Princess Leia.

"Rogue One" lands in theaters December 16th.