Jorge Rivas

LAS VEGAS—Donald Trump, who launched his presidential bid by hurling racist epithets against Mexican immigrants, ended it today by filing a lawsuit that some Mexican-American voters claim is a racist, desperate, and pathetic attempt to suppress their votes.

"He doesn't even know what he's talking about anymore," Mexican-born immigrant Ortencia Ocampo told me outside the Cardenas Market, one of the four early polling locations that Trump accused of "anomalies" in today's lawsuit.


Ocampo, who was shopping at Cardenas to buy tamales to celebrate Trump's expected loss to Hillary Clinton tonight, says she thinks the Republican candidate is "crazy" and "so lost he doesn't even know who to sue anymore."

Ortencia Ocampo thinks Trump has lost his mind, and is buying tamales to celebrate his expected loss tonight
Jorge Rivas

Ocampo is referring to a lawsuit filed today by Trump's lawyers against the Clark County Registrar of Voters, accusing four early voting stations in the Las Vegas area of “anomalies,” including staying open beyond the legal closing time. According to Nevada state law, voting stations are allowed to remain open until everyone who is in line at closing time gets a chance to vote. And the turnout at Cardenas Market on the final day of early voting was so massive that the poll there had to stay open until 10 PM to accommodate all the voters queuing to cast their ballots.

For them, Trump's lawsuit is nothing short of a final racist insult from a campaign that has made attacking immigrants its M.O. since the beginning.


“Everything Donald Trump does is based on race," voter and Cardenas shopper Fernando Orozco said of Trump's lawsuit.

“He targeted this location because there are many Latinos who voted here,” said Maria, a local resident who voted at Cardenas last Friday.

Maria thinks Trump is targeting Latino voters (again)
Jorge Rivas

“He’s pissed because he saw the big line of Mexicans voting for Hillary not him—he knew it was Hillary because he wants to send us all back,” said Mexican-American shopper Yolanda Shane, pushing her cart through the Cardenas parking lot. “So he's pissed."

The manager of the Cardenas market said he was not authorized to speak to the media about the matter.

But for his shoppers seemed to exude an almost expectant joy in anticipation that tonight's vote returns would finally bring an end to the nightmare of the Trump candidacy.

"I haven't danced in 20 years, but when he loses I am going to dance to celebrate," Ocampo said with a laugh.