Nobody likes paying extra for avocado, especially Mexicans.

But Mexicans would rather laugh than cry about the recent avocado shortage. So they're taking to social media to mock the sudden spike in prices, caused by the end of the year’s biggest harvest in southern Mexico, a growing global demand for the Mexican fruit, and an increase in the cost of production.


The U.S. is also feeling the effects of the avocado shortage, as growers in Southern California are hit with droughts and heat waves. Avocado anxiety has reportedly reached as far as Australia, where rising prices are being blamed on weather conditions, bushfires and market manipulation.

A sudden spike in avocado prices is being passed on to consumers. This is a notice on a diner menu in North Carolina.
Tim Rogers

It's unclear when avocado prices will stabilize, but for now Mexicans are coming up with all sorts of memes portraying aguacate as the country's newest luxury item.

"I'm trading a box of avocados for an iPhone 6 plus."
"That moment when you find the perfect avocado."
"Breaking News: part of Chapo Guzmán's fortune is found."
"Cuts down a tree. It's an avocado tree."
"When you want avocado on your sandwich, but you're poor."
"When you have so much money you can do your makeup with avocado."
-"Hey, you want to go see a movie?"-"I can't, I have a boyfriend."- "But I have an avocado ranch."
"Extra data charges… Put some avocado on that data."
"What did I spend my paycheck on?" - "The price of being beautiful."
"How are you going to name your baby?" - "Name him Avocado."