Today, First Lady Michelle Obama left the White House and snuck onto Howard University's campus with Nick Cannon and Seth Myers to surprise an auditorium full of newly-minted freshman with a secret heart to heart conversation…that she posted to Snapchat.

Obama joined Meyers and Cannon, who enrolled at Howard as a freshman last week at the age of 35, on stage to speak about her #ReachHigher initiative, a project aimed at educating young people on how to ensure that they complete education past high school. The program is also meant to drive further support the president's "North Star" goal that the U.S. will have the largest population of people with the bachelor's or more in the world.

The initial reactions to Obama's entrance were appropriately intense:

While the first lady's gonzo appearance on campus was more than a cause for celebration, she made it clear that she'd come to see the students to talk about how important it was that they saw their educations through from beginning to end. During her talk, Obama encouraged all of the students to take her advice and share it as a part of her Better Make Room texting campaign, which helps students track down resources for college application fees and tuition.


Obama, Meyers, and Cannon finished with three pieces of simple advice to help the Howard students get the most out of their forthcoming college experiences: