A piece in the Daily Dot brought our attention to a meme craze lighting Tumblr aflame: the "It is Wednesday, my dudes" frog.

The "It Is Wednesday, My Dudes" meme is the next in a line of memes that defy easy explanation. It's basically just about…Wednesday. Perhaps it's an antidote against the sentiment of Wednesday being the worst day of the week. More likely, it's just disassociated randomness, attached to a funny frog. First posted in December of 2014, the image continues to build in popularity, perhaps due to this ultra-popular Vine (56 million loops and counting):

There's an entire Facebook page, "It's Wednesday My Dudes," with nearly 50,000 likes, and all of their memes are related to the original, "It is Wednesday, my dudes" meme, complete with references to that same frog.

Facebook/It Is Wednesday My Dudes

But what's the deal with this frog, my dudes? And how is he finding a foothold in a meme world increasingly dominated by frog legends like Dat Boi and Pepe? Sound. Unlike those animated amphibians, this viral hopper—colloquially known as the Paraguay Horned Frog (or the Budgett's frog)—is revered by Vine makers for its high-pitched scream.

You can see it imitated in the Vine above, and in other subsequent Vines:

Some more fun facts about this frog:

So now that we're aware of this frog's origin, let's enjoy some memes, courtesy of the "It's Wednesday My Dudes" Facebook page. After all, it is Friday, my dudes!

Facebook/It's Wednesday My Dudes
Facebook/It's Wednesday My Dudes


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.