Image via AP

Apprentice loser-turned-White House aide Omarosa Manigault was invited to speak on a panel about police brutality at the National Association of Black Journalists’ annual convention this week. It turned into absolute mayhem.

Lucky for us, there was a roomful of journalists ready to record this first rough draft of history.


These sort of professional media meetups are typically musty affairs with awkward smalltalk and cash bars. Not so in New Orleans, where Manigault and panel moderator Ed Gordon, of Bounce TV, clashed from the outset:

Manigault, who herself is a victim of gun violence, declined to answer questions about how President Donald Trump would tackle the issue of guns and police brutality—which was odd, since that was presumably the reason she was invited.

Things reportedly got so bad that some in the audience either walked out of the event or stood and turned their backs to the stage in protest of her appearance.

Thankfully for all those involved, the discussion only lasted about a half hour:

It’s worth pondering why the NABJ would invite a B-list reality TV star, who’s reportedly threatened to release “dossiers” of information about journalists covering the White House, in the first place.