The Mexican internet has turned what was supposed to be a low-key quinceañera party into a an extravaganza with more than 1 million confirmed guests after a dad's homemade video invite went inadvertently viral.

“Hello, how you doing? We invite you on December 26 to our daughter’s Rubi Ibarra García quinceañera party,” says the father of the soon to be 15-year-old girl. He goes on to list the local bands that will play at his daughter's fiesta in the small town of La Joya, in the central state of San Luis Potosí.

For reasons known only to the internet, the random video struck a chord with thousands of people and trolls, who shared it on Facebook, created copy-cat events and started to make memes mocking the party as a massive rock concert.


That reportedly prompted Rubí’s dad to ask some Facebook users to remove the spoof events from the internet and clarify that the quinceañera invite was meant only for a select group of friends in La Joya, and not all of Mexico. But that only made matters worse for the girl’s old man.

Thousands of Mexicans started a second wave of memes and spin-off Facebook events to organize a massive rally to attend Rubí’s birthday party, along with calls for volunteers to help prepare all the food needed to feed the multitude of guests.

Rubí’s quinceañera bash, is now the don't-miss party of 2016.

Felices quince, Rubí.

The hole is ready to cook the barbecue Rubí's quinceañera party.
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