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Help me understand this, because I'm having trouble.

Back when we were exploring the glorious frozen-in-2008 wonderland that is Hillary Clinton's old MySpace, we stumbled on something that defied explanation: A Sopranos parody starring the future Secretary of State and her husband, a man by the name of Bill.


Released shortly after the Sopranos finale aired in June 2007, the video was a means of announcing Clinton's choice of campaign song, “You and I” by self-confessed Canadian Céline Dion.

This surprisingly detailed remake of the HBO series' infamous last scene finds Hillary browsing jukebox selections in a diner booth.

She's soon joined by her Carmela, a.k.a. Bill.


Instead of onion rings, the appetizer enjoyed by the Soprano family, Hillary has ordered carrots for the table.


Like Meadow Soprano, Chelsea apparently struggles with parallel parking.

Perhaps the single most bizarre thing about the video is that actual Sopranos actor Vince Curatola makes an appearance—although his character, Johnny Sack, (spoiler, sorry) died of cancer seven episodes before the finale.


The video concludes as the Sopranos scene does, by abruptly cutting to black. And depending on your personal interpretation of David Chase's finale, that could point to one hell of a dark ending for Hillary.


What dramatic series finale should Clinton's 2016 campaign take a shot at? I've got my fingers crossed for Breaking Bad.

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