George Washington, who once said, “Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages,” would be thoroughly pleased that a holiday honoring him and other presidents has today become charged with political activism and outrage.

Donald Trump is winning at one thing: No other president in recent memory has been so widely criticized so early in his term on such a usually banal holiday.


Thousands of protesters rallied across the nation Monday in cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, and many others. Protesters even flocked to Parliament in London, where members there debated whether or not to approve a scheduled Trump visit to that allied country.

Here are some of the many images shared on social media of this historic holiday:

In Los Angeles:

Salt Lake City:


A puppet show in New York City:

Introverts are speaking out.

And some music…

But not at Trump Tower:

In London, a lively group gathered outside of Parliament: