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Early last week Canada elected a new parliament, and with it a new Prime Minister, the Liberal Party's Justin Trudeau. People (even Americans, can you imagine?) were very excited on social media because Justin Trudeau is very traditionally handsome. He looks like this:

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Very Handsome indeed.

Anyway, now someone's written erotica about Trudeau. Or, rather, someone's written erotica about "Dustin Waterhole," of the "Leaf Party" (the Liberal party's logo is a leaf) a "sexy new Prime Minister" whose landslide election is identical to Trudeau's. The slim volume is 9 pages long and on Amazon, titled "Serving the Prime Minister."

Here is its cover:

The story is by Sam Shiver, who's also the author of Gay for Pay: The Rancher's Son and Slave of the Quicksand Monster. This new story is told from the perspective of Shawn, a bright eyed 23-year-old campaign staffer who ends up having a late-night encounter with the new PM.


Shawn is your average, politically involved 23-year-old man. He's a little concerned about losing his abs to a stress-and-pizza generated paunch, but not too concerned. He spent a great deal of time campaigning for the Leaf Party, and celebrated, along with the rest of the staffers, with gusto when they won. The next day he's dispatched to Parliament to help the new PM, and after a long day and a couple of "icy beers," things get naughty.

The story is brief, and frankly pretty boring. Even the sex scene seems written by rote. Of course, Shivers seems to have been working quickly: Serving the Prime Minister was written within days of Trudeau's election.

Shiver far from the first person to sexualize Trudeau. Back in 2013 Stephanie Mercier Voyer proudly proclaimed on Vice "I Want to Bone Justin Trudeau." People have been talking about the new PM's looks since before he was the leader of his party:

Despite being boring, Serving the Prime Minister has some great turns of phrase. Dustin Waterhole is an inspired name and at one point we get to read the phrase "The hot brew cleared my skull, reducing my hangover," with reference to coffee.

There's only one review on, and it's very positive:

(24 Sussex Drive is the official residence of the Canadian Prime Minister.)

Meanwhile, on, the two readers who've reviewed it are less happy, though for quite different reasons:

Personally, I give it 2 maple leaves for fun and originality. But let's have a little more character development next time, eh?


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