As you may know, Matt Damon is starring in a movie called The Great Wall, in which he plays a European mercenary in medieval China who saves the country from giant monsters. (It's not a documentary.)

Naturally, the film, which opens in America on Friday, has come under attack by those who are, you know, tired of the same old white savior narrative that we’re used to seeing all the time, but don’t worry! Matt Damon, who is always up for a thoughtful discussion on the racial implications of media and diversity, has very thoughtfully responded to the criticism by basically saying “Nuh uh!!” a bunch of times.


Well, just in case you think Matt Damon has not been recognized enough for all that he has done for the Chinese and broader East Asian community, (much like that other unsung hero, Scarlett Johansson) there is still hope. With the movie about to hit theaters, denizens of Twitter have been taking the opportunity to thank Matt Damon for all the impact he has had on Asian culture with the hashtag #ThankYouMattDamon (just don’t get it confused with all the white people who are out there unironically thanking the actor for Good Will Hunting and shit).

Matt Damon figuring out how to save China. #thankyoumattdamon #thegreatwall @jennyyangtv @angryasianman @ConstanceWu

— Melissa K. (@melissjk) February 16, 2017

Wow. Let's give him a standing ovation.