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April 12, 2015 (one month from today) is the 10-year anniversary of Fall Out Boy's rousing pop punk anthem, "Sugar We're Goin' Down." If you had ears in '05, you know that their second album From Under the Cork Tree sparked what we're lovingly referring to as the "golden era of emo pop." This hyper-emotional, brooding brand of boy band launched a million regrettable hair dos, melodramatic Myspace quotes, and quite possibly the the entire "skinny jeans" trend as we know it. It was such an iconic pop culture moment.

Give the song a listen while you scroll down a Throwback Thursday memory lane:





Typically in boy bands, the hottest one is the lead singer and everybody's fixated on touching him. Turns out that is not the case in many pop-punk boy bands. Pete Wentz, the dark, handsome bassist, was every fan's crush. He wore his eyeliner better than all of us, he was in really good shape (no hard feelings, Patrick 😞) and in interviews he seemed a lot more rambunctious than the other members of the group. Also, he was and is the primary lyricist and backing vocalist on many of their hits, so he's kind of super important to the group dynamic. If they were the Spice Girls, he'd be Ginger Spice for sure. Have mercy!


But back to SWGD: Remembering the shouty vocals and the extremely verbose lyricism of the song got us thinking about all of the amazing bands and songs from 2005 that have given us an excuse (as if we needed one) to reminisce hard about the unbelievable pop-punk gifts we received in that storied year:


I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me - Fall Out Boy "Dance, Dance"


Your hands are mine to hold - The All-American Rejects "Move Along"


What a wonderful caricature of intimacy - Panic! At The Disco " Build God, Then We'll Talk"


I'm just a notch on your bedpost but you're just a line in a song… - FOB "Sugar We're Goin' Down"


This is the kind of honest, plucky, self-reflection that is rarely crooned by male singers. And is there anything our perma-teen hearts love more than a beta-male who's obsessed with us?


Fall Out Boy on TRL
Panic! At the Disco

The swoopy unkempt manes of these potentially unwashed pop punk heartthrobs put Hot Topic and skinny jeans on the map. The boys wore eyeliner and lip rings, and the girls wore neon tees with rainbow flats. It's weird to even think that we used to dress that way, but we were actually totally into it.


Katrina Bowden (Cerie from 30 Rock) played the girlfriend to a d-bag in the second single on From Under the Cork Tree, "Dance, Dance."

Kim Kardashian also made a round as a FOB video girl in their 2007 jam, "Thnks fr the mmrs." This was back when Pete Wentz was way more famous than Kim K ::sigh:: those were the days…


Prior to becoming visual shorthand for mansplainers on reddit, fedoras were a staple in every emo guy and girl's wardrobe. It didn't dress up or dress down the ensemble, mostly because it hardly ever went with the ensemble at hand — but that never stopped Patrick Stump from donning one on the red carpet.

The jeans will never be as skinny as they were back in 2005. Everyone was trying the fad (to varying degrees of success). It marked the first time that men wore them on purpose.

The Academy Is


c/o: Buzznet

I'm not sure there has ever been a better lineup for Vans Warped Tour than the one for 2005:  The Ataris, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Dropkick Murphys, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Halifax, Hawthorne Heights, Mae, Motion City Soundtrack, My Chemical Romance, The Offspring, Paramore, Plain White T's, Senses Fail, Simple Plan, Something Corporate, Story of the Year, and many more of the top alternative acts on the explosive social network Myspace made this the concert series to attend! It was well worth the $40 investment in a ticket for a day of musical genius.


This was also the year we fell in love with loads of other bands that would fill out our mix CDs and soundtrack our angst:


c/o: Buzznet

Panic! made a huge splash on the music scene in September of 2005 with their smash hit "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" from their album A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. The lead singer, Brendon Urie, is still certified BAE™ and even did a "Drunk History" style recollection of Fall Out Boy's origins.


Death Cab's fifth album, Plans came out in August of 2005 with a slew of hits that defined the indie sound for that year. "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" was every sad college student's jam, and "Soul Meets Body" was on high rotation. Maybe you heard about them on FOX's The OC, or just by hitting up your local Starbucks. Either way, this was one of the band's biggest years.



Though the boys from Gym Class Heroes didn't enjoy much domestic success until their single, "Cupid's Chokehold," took over the airwaves in 2007, they were on the Fueled By Ramen label and played on Warped Tour in '05. GCH was good friends with FOB. It's also been speculated that the "loaded God complex" lyric in "Sugar We're Going Down" comes from GCH's song "Everyday's Forecast." The bands had totally different sounds (with GCH being more alternative hip hop), but shared lots of the same lyrical themes.

Also, Travie McCoy, the lead singer of GCH used to date Katy Perry. For real…

Fueled By Ramen


Jared Leto's pretty-boy looks fit right in to the emo-punk scene of 2005. His band, 30 Seconds to Mars' second album, A Beautiful Lie, was released in August of 2005 and went platinum in the U.S. It also won an MTV VMA and EMA for rock categories.


as seen on

The All-American Rejects released their highly anticipated second studio album, Move Along, just in time for us to scream-sing all the lyrics at Warped Tour that summer. Their first single, "Dirty Little Secret" had a Postsecret themed video with anonymous hands holding cards revealing hidden thoughts.  The lead singer, Tyson Ritter, has major Blue Steel face, and was everyone's collective crush for at least 5 seconds in the early aughts.


as seen on

Hayley Williams and co. released their first studio album All We Know is Falling on pop-punk label Fueled By Ramen in July of 2005. As one of the only female lead singers in a band in those days, Hayley held her own on stage and in the studio. The album was critically well-received by mall punks and press outlets alike. Who knew they would become mainstream when they changed their sound in their biggest hit, "The Only Exception" in 2010?


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Admittedly I don't remember their first album, And Their Name Was Treason, coming out in 2005. Does that make me a fake fan? Well I'm sure I'd recognize some of their screamo lyrics in Myspace quotes.

2005 was also the year of these other major rock jams:

Green Day "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Nine Inch Nails "The Hand That Feeds"

Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc."

Weezer "Beverly Hills"

Foo Fighters "Best of You"

If you lost your voice screaming all the pop punk and punk rock anthems above, you can relax and take this fun quiz!


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