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After a brutal two-hour fumbling match between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, the sports-ball goddesses granted us a brief reprieve of artistic genius (and a few seconds of failure).

Chris Martin and his band Coldplay headlined the Super Bowl 50 halftime show and blessed us by bringing out both Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.

Below, the best and worst moments from this year's Super Bowl halftime Show.

The Worsts:

Fake Scratching on "Uptown Funk": Combining Mark Ronson's incredibly popular "Uptown Funk" with Beyoncé's brand new single "Formation" was a smart move by concert producers; it kept the energy up and brought in a new song to go with the older ones.

That jacket, though.
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Chris Martin's weird outfit:  The entire aesthetic of this performance was like a very happy acid trip. Embellishments on the jeans AND extra stuff on the jacket? Okay.


The final image: Even with all of the hippy dippy acid trip coloring of this show, the words "Believe In Love" spelled out with colorful paper in the stands felt like overkill—and it was a little out of place.

The Bests:

The production: As far as Super Bowl halftime shows go, this one felt well-planned and well-executed. It was inoffensive, super energetic, and knew when to quit, leaving people wanting more.


The choreography: It was tight, complicated, and really playful. Bruno Mars and Beyoncé Knowles Carter killed it.

Look at these Bruno moves:

And now watch Beyoncé:

The shots for television: Performing for a live audience in a stadium and performing for a live audience on television are two different art forms, but this show was expertly filmed. Take this intro shot of Beyoncé:

Everyone in the stadium must have seen Beyoncé walk out onto the field. But this shot was built for the TV viewers at home.

From the stands, the camera rotating around Beyoncé and Bruno Mars probably didn't look great, but on television, it looked incredible:

Similarly: This great shot of Beyoncé slapping the camera away to the fans at the end of the "Uptown Funk" mash-up.

The details:

Beyoncé's gold bandolier was an homage to Michael Jackson.
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Michael Jackson during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXVII at Rose Bowl on January 31, 1993 in Pasadena, California.
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There was more than a little nostalgia. During the final song of the halftime show, instead of showing Chris Martin playing the piano, the screen flashed images of past halftime show moments. But there was already one call-back on the field: Beyoncé's fashion tribute to Michael Jackson's iconic Super Bowl performance.


It wasn't boring!: While they only last around 12 minutes or so, a lot of Super Bowl halftime shows start to get dull or lag in spots. With special guests and careful song selection, Coldplay managed to avoid this pitfall. And part of that is due to Chris Martin's insane amount of energy—just look at his jumps!

Happy half time, everyone!

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.